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Controversial Issues

Look up Controversial Issues on a wide range of themes that can be defined as controversial for various reasons. Xklude has identified 30 controversial issues distributed in 6 different ESG categories.

Controversial Companies

Search among 2162 controversial global listed companies in the database and find out who invested in them. A controversial company is identified by being on a controversial list included in the database.

Controversial Investors

View the largest European institutional investors’ equity investments in controversial companies. The investors represents a total asset under management of more than 3000 billion euros.

Controversial Issue

30 issues linked to 2162 companies

Controversial issues cover a wide range of themes that can be defined as controversial for various reasons. There is no standard definition of a controversial issue or a controversial business. The Xklude database does not take into account dialogues with companies through the active ownership.

Funding Systemic Racism

60 Companies

This controversial issue identifies companies involved in systematic racial racism such as Occupied Territories, Prison Involvement US, Money Bail​ ​Involvement​ (US), Immigrant Detention US and Surveillance. Source: Robasciotti & Philipson.

Use of Offshore Tax Haven

387 Companies

This controversial issue contains Fortune 500 companies identified using tax haven subsidiaries to avoid paying taxes. Fortune 500 companies are holding more than $2.6 trillion in accumulated profits offshore for tax purposes. Source: Offshore Shell Games.

ExxonMobil investor

328 Companies

This controversial issue contains 328 banks’ fossil fuel financing in ExxonMobile. As of April 2020, the total global investments backing the oil major ExxonMobil, both bondholding and shareholding, is at a total of $182 billion. Source: BankTrack.


33 Companies

Deforestation: There is a lack of disclosure by palm oil producers and traders on both the extent and locations of smallholders within their supply chains. Companies with lack of commitments. Source: Zoological Society of London.

Poor Carbon Management

77 Companies

Companies unaware or not acknowledging Climate Change (Level 0 or 1) as a Business Issue is included. Lack of preparedness for the transition to a low-carbon economy is based on The Transition Pathway Initiative. Source: TPI.

Unconventional weapon

37 Companies

Controversial weapons are either prohibited under international conventions or are deemed because of their humanitarian impact. They include weapons of nuclear, chemical, biological weapons, cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines. Source: Various.

Banks in money laundering

15 Companies

The data (FinCen Files) contains information on more than $35 billion in transactions dated from 2000-2017 that were flagged by financial institutions as suspicious to United States authorities. Potentially dirty money flow. Source: ICIJ.