14. juli 2024

This week we added and screened more investors stock portfolios for controversial issues. Latest we added Folksam (Sweden), Varma (Finland) and and PME Pensioenfond (Netherlands).

The Xklude database now represents more than 37 investors in 5 countries with a total asset under management of more than 2.900 billion euros.


More than 70.000 stocks screened

We have total screened more than 70.000 stocks for controversial issues. We have total identified 27.424 controversial issues related to the listed companies found in the investors stockportfolio.

The total number of controversial issues is spread on 30 different controversial issues in 6 different ESG categories.

On average, each listed company in the Xklude database is linked to 2,6 controversial issues. Listed companies with the most controversial issues are linked to seven controversial issues.

All listed companies in the database are linked to at least one controversial issue.

Visit www.xklude.com to view updated rankings.

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