14. juli 2024

Investors from UK added to xklude.com

We have added the first two investors from the UK to the xklude.com database. The database now contains 40 institutional investors from six different countries – representing more than 3.100 billion EURO.

For each investor we add, the better our controversial rankings and controversial benchmark become.

We will continue mapping the financial value chain towards our vision to identify all of Europe’s largest institutional investors controversial equity investments.

The two new investors, West Yorkshire Pension Fund and Strathclyde Pension Fund, place themselves differently on the Xklude´ INVESTOR CONTROVERSIAL RANKING.

Strathclyde Pension Fund ranks with a controversial percentage (share of controversial investments identified in total stock portfolio) of 9.65% in a current second place.

With a controversial percentage of 29.39% West Yorkshire Pension Fund is just below average score among the 40 institutional investors on the ranking list.

The average controversial percentage for all 40 investors is 26.28%.

Xklude has identified 387 controversial investments in the Strathclyde Pension Fund`s portfolio and 120 in the West Yorkshire Pension Fund’s portfolio.

On both investors’ stock list, we found several of the worlds most controversial listed companies – including oil companies like CONOCOPHILLIPS and EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION.


Both oil companies are in the light of Paris Agreement surprisingly popular investments. They appear respectively on 26 and 19 investors stock list.

On Strathclyde Pension Fund’s share list, Xklude has also identified LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. and NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. Both companies are linked to non-conventional weapons.

Free online presentation of Xklude

If you want to know more and how you can benefit from a Premium Subscription to Xklude we offer a free online presentation of the Xklude database.
Please contact Joachim Kattrup at jka@ugebrev.dk or Sidsel Bogh at sidsel@ugebrev.dk.

More than 70.000 stocks screened

We have total screened more than 70.000 stocks for controversial issues. We have total identified 27.424 controversial issues related to the listed companies found in the investors stock portfolio.

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