2. marts 2024

We added more data on Human Rights allegations to the Xklude database. On our continuing work to provide relevant data about controversial companies, we strive to be very concrete. As a data provider with focus on questionable ethical controversial issues linked to listed companies it is an important goal for us to reveal more than just numbers.

In this update we added 225 cases on human rights allegations linked in 88 companies. Subscribers can look up all 225 allegations, view relevant company, who invested in the company and read how the case is processing.  Main source for the information is based on research from Human Rights Benchmark. However, we will add further allegations from other trustworthy providers.

All Human Rights allegations linked to the 88 companies are added to the advanced search function allowing users to combine the data with other search criteria such as Investors, Industry, Stock Exchange as well as specific ISIN Code or Company Name.

This is how it looks like:



Find the HUMAN RIGHTS INDICATOR at company controversial report. Click on “allegations data.”



The allegation Human Rights case is displayed in a modal popup.

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