2. marts 2024

LD Fonde´ stock portfolio is screened and added to Xklude on the 15. of december.  LD Pensions is the legal entity behind the management of the two Danish funds – the Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund and the Holiday Allowance Fund.

LD Fonde´s AUM is approximately 14,000,000,000.00 €.

The screening reveals that LD Fonde´s XBETA-ESG value is over average (1,6) –  meaning that LD Fonde is relativ more than other investors exposed to stock’s price volatility when fundamental Controversial Issues and ESG Rank is included in the beta perspectives.

The Controversial Portfolio Risk Indicator is likewise over average (0,46) – meaning that  absolut number of controversies per company in the portfolio is higer than the average investor.



Most controversial companies in portfolio by XBETA-ESG Rank

XBETA_ESG indicates how volatile the stock’s price is to the overall stock market when fundamental controversial issues and ESG Rank is included.



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