Xklude Research updated the stock portfolio of Pensioenfonds Vervoer –  The Dutch pension fund for employees in the sectors of professional freight transport, private bus and taxi transport, the inland shipping company, the crane rental company and Orsima employees.  AuMRead More →

We added more companies committed to Science Based Targets.  In total 113 companies in the Xklude database are committed to set Science Based Targets to reduce their emissions in line with climate science. And further 141 companies has set targetsRead More →

Xklude Research updated the stock portfolio of  BpfBOUW –  The Dutch pension fund for the construction industry with AuM at aprox. 62,120,000,000.00 euro. The update reveals that BpfBOUW XBETA-ESG value is over average (1,6) –  meaning that BpfBOUW is relativRead More →

Xklude Research updated the stock portfolio of PFA. PFA have more than 1.3 million customers and 6,000 corporate and organisational customers. AUM approx. 70,000.000.000 euro. The updated screening reveals that PFA  XBETA-ESG value is just below average –  meaning thatRead More →

LD Fonde´ stock portfolio is screened and added to Xklude on the 15. of december.  LD Pensions is the legal entity behind the management of the two Danish funds – the Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund and the Holiday Allowance Fund. LDRead More →

Xklude Research updated the stock portfolios of Velliv – the danish pension funds for 350,000 Danes, AuM at  24,193,548,387 euro. The update reveals that Velliv´ Controversial Percent is below average –  meaning that Velliv has invested in relative less controversialRead More →

Xklude Research updated the stock portfolios of AP2 and AP3 – two of the general pension funds that have existed in Sweden since the 1960s. The update reveals that AP2 and AP3 risk of controversies is rather different AP2 TheRead More →

Xklude Research updated the stock portfolio of PBU – the Danish pension fund for teaching staff in child institutions.  The update shows that PBU, in a controversial investment perspective, is ranked over average –  mening that PBU has invested inRead More →

We added more data on Human Rights allegations to the Xklude database. On our continuing work to provide relevant data about controversial companies, we strive to be very concrete. As a data provider with focus on questionable ethical controversial issuesRead More →

Latest Controversial Investments Media Report (27.12.2020) is out.  Sign op to receive your copy and get an overview of more than 30 controversies linked to global listed companies from december 2020. Sign up herRead More →

We have updated a few options in the Xklude database. Premium Subscribers can now view ESG NEWS MOMENTUM, which shows the current ESG global media momentum on a plus / minus scale. The feature can give investors and other subscribersRead More →

Investors from UK added to xklude.com We have added the first two investors from the UK to the xklude.com database. The database now contains 40 institutional investors from six different countries – representing more than 3.100 billion EURO. For each investor weRead More →