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Investors With $39.2 Trillion In Assets Pledge To Divest From Fossil Fuels

As many as 1,485 institutional investors, representing a massive $39.2 trillion of assets under management, have so far committed to at least some form of divestment from fossil fuels, DivestInvest, a global network of individuals and organizations, said in a new report. Since the divestment movement started in the early 2010s, it “has grown to become a major global influence on energy policy,” DivestInvest said.
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Study: Fossil fuel divestments does not yield discernible consequences

Between 2011 and 2018, 35 American universities and colleges divested, either partially or completely, their endowments from fossil-fuel holdings, marking a shift toward sustainability in university endowment investment. Results from analyses of the effect of full and partial divestment suggest that either form of divestment does not yield discernible consequences--either positive or negative--for endowment values, at statistically significant levels.
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How to identify instances of “carbonwashing”

In this working paper from researchers from Stanford pay particular attention to the threat of greenwashing concerning carbon emission reductions by coining a new term, “carbonwashing.” Here are ten categories that cover the most common and material factors that could lead to carbonwashing.
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Pension funds talk green but hold billions in polluter stocks

Analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence put the figure at about $40 billion, meaning 9% of the funds’ combined equity holdings are devoted to 20 high-carbon emitting companies. The numbers may be lower since California and New York funds pared their stakes in companies including Exxon Mobil Corp., Walmart Inc. and Southern Co. since the start of the year.  Nevertheless, the fact that giant retirement plans are devoting so much money to a part of the market most responsible for accelerating the climate crisis might be surprising to those who believe recent messaging from those funds.
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